Who We Are

VML Co., Ltd is an importer-distributor of premium and healthy products that caters to Cambodia nationwide. Our commitment is to provide Cambodian healthier lifestyles, through the products that we source from different parts of the globe. With our experiences, we have built solid foundations in sales, marketing, merchandising, and logistics that push our brands to be the leaders in their respective categories. Specializing in modern trade, our team ensures that our products are available in hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, horeca, and online sales channels. In addition, for traditional trade, VML supplies to most of the markets in Phnom Penh and local markets at the main provincial level.

What We Do

VML is a successful exclusive distributor of well-known international brands, such as Celsius, Lotte Beverage, vida drink, Marigold Canned Milk.

CELSIUS is functional, Essential Energy, a better-for-you, premium alternative to traditional energy drinks. As a global, lifestyle fitness drink, CELSIUS was created to help people LIVE FIT, exceed their goals and elevate their everyday lives. Made with proven, premium ingredients, 7 Essential Vitamins and zero sugar, no artificial colors, no aspartame, no high fructose corn syrup and non-GMO. CELSIUS is vegan, gluten-free and Kosher. Our proprietary MetaPlus blend contains green tea extract with EGCG. It also includes guarana seed extract, ginger root for flavor and digestion, vitamin C to help support your immune system, vitamin B for energy production, and chromium to help control hunger, making it an ideal pre-workout drink. Made with clinically proven ingredients, CELSIUS has the perfect balance of flavor and energy that serves as an awesome pick-me-up for active lifestyles. Make CELSIUS your go-to choice for Essential Energy! The official assorted flavors CELSIUS variety pack is available in 12 oz. slim cans and sold in a 12-pack for convenience.

Founded upon its excellent line of products, outstanding marketing capabilities, and renowned brand strength, LOTTE Chilsung Beverage leads the Korean beverage industry. It operates facilities overseas and exports its products worldwide, as it seeks to grow into a global competitor in the beverage industry. LOTTE Chilsung Beverage will be with its customers, anywhere, anytime.

Vida Vitamin ‘C’ Orange flavoured Sparkling drink 325ml (Pack of 12) Carbonated Orange flavored drink Inspired and formulated by Japanese R&D Vida sparkling drink is the better choice every time. Strengthens immune system Reduces risk of heart diseases, Helps aid iron deficiency. Sparkle and shine with Vida Pick up. Drink. Be Healthy. With Vida C sparkling drinks! A sparklier life with the fun and healthy Vida vitamin C sparkling drinks. Vida sparkling drink is formulated using advanced Japanese R&D and expertise, Vida Vitamin C conatains essential 1000mg antioxidant, with low sugar content in every can. Vida Vitamin C Orange sparkling drink has the equivalent vitamin C of 19 Oranges packed in a can Vida sparkling drink is recognized as a healthier choice by Ministry of Health in Malaysia.

Vida Zero Sparkling Drink


  • The delicate classic taste of lychee with the unexpected twist of mild saltiness make this drink a treat. So Interesting ! So Invigorating !
  • Lemoney and limey, Vida orignal citrus is a spritely drink with double citrus punches. Tangy and tarty freshness in a can
  • Formulated using advanced Japanese R&D and expertise, vida has already been awarded the title of Healthier Choice Malaysia and Singapore!
  • Stay refreshed, stay hydrated!

One of the kitchen’s most versatile ingredients, MARIGOLD Canned Milk is a name that many are familiar with. After all, we have been a household staple for more than 50 years, relied on by mums and chefs alike. Made from the best-quality assured ingredients, each and every canned milk is fortified with the nutritional goodness of vitamins A and D. Available in evaporated and condensed milk range. An essential mainstay of every kitchen, MARIGOLD Canned Milk simply elevates beverages, desserts and savoury dishes to the next level. Try it and taste the difference.

OraSì promotes wellness through a range of 100 % vegetable products from a controlled supply chain, meeting the market needs to combine functionality and taste.

OraSì high quality vegetable drinks are designed for the retail channel, while the Barista line is intended for the Ho.Re.Ca. industry. The finest ingredients used by the brand include: Soy, Almond, Chestnut, Coconut, Hazelnut, Rice, Oat, Walnut.


We are first and foremost mango farmers. At (K.F.P), we are the dried fruit manufacture in Cambodia our products are: Dried mango, Dried Papaya, Dried Pineapple and dried Jackfruit.

Nationwide Distribution

VML has built a strong distribution network in Cambodia which includes Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Minimarts, Retailers, Pharmacies, Cafeterias & Restaurants, Hotels & Resorts, Apartments, Fitness Center, Bars, Nightclubs, Schools & Institutions. Our experienced sales team works closely with our trade partners with the goal of having VML’s products present in all new and leading retail outlets. We are also active in traditional trade by supplying to most of the markets in Phnom Penh and local markets at the main provincial level. In addition, VML acknowledges the future and value of digital sales channels; thus ensuring our product availability in the country’s top e-commerce platforms.

Excellent In-store Merchandising

Being well-versed in modern trade, VML delivers exceptional in-store merchandise display by having seasoned merchandisers and participating in regular in-store marketing campaigns. Our merchandising supervisors are active in physical store visits and inventory monitoring to ensure stock availability in our partner retail outlets.

Traditional and Digital Marketing

We believe that outstanding sales figures are a result of a combination of dedicated sales people and effective brand & product marketing. VML invests in both traditional in-store marketing and digital marketing to build brand equity and grow market share. Our company participates in traditional in-store promotions/marketing campaigns, trade fairs, technical seminars, fun-runs, and other national/community events. In addition to that, VML is dedicated marketing team ensures a strong online presence for our brands in social media and e-commerce platforms.

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